Enterprise Risk Management integrates the risk management process by evaluating the business owners TOTAL risk exposure, instead of a partial evaluation of each risk exposure in isolation. It is the TOTAL risk of a company, which typically "matters" to the assessment of the firmís value and its ability to fulfill its contracted obligations and future opportunities.


TOTAL risk, Includes: Product Market Risk, Operational Risk, Input Risk, Tax Risk, Regulatory Risk, Legal Risk, and Financial Risk.


ERM can enhance the basis for decision-making through a clearer articulation of business objectives, more focused management Information, and a better and understanding of the trade-offs between risk and reward. Indeed, rather than stifling enterprise, effective ERM can provide the assurance that enables companies to take more controlled risk. The growing alignment between governance, financial reporting, and risk management is being reinforced by SARBANES-OXLEY, and the guidelines this law establishes for all businesses. Appointing a Chief Risk Officer is becoming an important business decision the outside world recognizes.


ART New World Insurance Services has the experience and expertise in the ERM development process, information and organizational capabilities and underpinning the affect of ERM, along with helping to align ERM with the new governance and compliance standards being required for all Industries and Business Owners.


* See the attached Definitions of Enterprise Risk Management

* See the attached Example of Enterprise Risk Management


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